"Bequeath the soul": about the importance of planning the spiritual heritage.
When we think of a will, we usually think of filling out legal documents in which we include our estate between loved ones or charities. However, in addition to the financial legacy, we can also leave a legacy of our soul.
The will of the soul is a way to determine what spiritual values and beliefs we would like to pass on to our heirs. This may include beliefs, religious practices, cultural traditions, fair arguments, and more.
Why is it important to bequeath a soul?
In the will of the soul, you can define your values and beliefs, which can become heirs in building your life paths. This can be especially important if you want your family to return to your religious life, or if you want to achieve personal justice that matters to you.
In addition, the will of the soul can help you in life while you are still alive. If you define your values and beliefs and follow them in your life, you can create a more meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself.
Personal arguments and convictions. It could be something like "Always be honest in your dealings with people" or "It's important to strive for fairness in life."
Family traditions that you would like to continue, then you can describe them in your soul will. It could be something like "Our family always gets together at Christmas" or "We always prepare a special meal for each family member's birthday."
A testament of the soul can become a way of preserving values and persuading a generation to come. This can help your heirs understand what was important to you in life and the legacy that continued after your death.

Bequeath the soul