The soul of a person is his inner world, which includes his thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and values. This is what makes each person an individual. The human soul can be varied - from bright and lively to dark and gloomy, open and receptive or closed and inaccessible.
However, despite all the differences, the souls of people strive for happiness, love and prosperity. The soul of a person may change over time, depending on his experience of life and environment, but depending on the fact that it always remains the same - it longs for freedom, sharpness and justice.
The soul of a person can also be expressed through his creative abilities, hobbies, dreams and aspirations. It is what allows us to communicate individuality and leave a mark on the world.
However, in order for the human soul to flourish and grow, it needs care and attention. It can be supporting loved ones, making decisions in accordance with their beliefs, caring for your body and mind, and continuous self-improvement.
In addition, the soul of a person can find solace and abandonment in various spiritual and religious teachings. They help people find their place in the world, understand their life purpose and find harmony.
In general, the human soul is what makes us human beings with intellect, feelings and freedom of choice. It allows you to insist on a demand, strive for the best and find meaning in life.

Union or separation of souls