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  To give a soul means that you would like to say that you are ready to give all your feelings and emotions to another person, to be completely devoted to him and do everything in your power to help him and support him. It can be a sign of love, friendship, or deep affection.
In some religious and mystical teachings, "to give a soul" can mean making an agreement with spiritual forces or gods, promising them one's devotion and loyalty in exchange for some favors or special gifts.
Giving a soul is a very strong gesture that expresses a high degree of devotion and bestowal. However, before making such a gesture, it is important to carefully consider your feelings and motives, as well as understand the consequences of your actions. No one should lose their independence and autonomy in decision-making, and no one should put their life or soul on the line thoughtlessly and unwisely.
In any relationship, it is important to maintain balance and respect each other's boundaries. If you're thinking about "gifting your soul" to someone, it's important to connect with that person and make sure they understand what you mean and that they're ready for that degree of devotion. In addition, you must be sure that this person will not abuse your trust and that you will be able to maintain your individuality and autonomy in the relationship.
In general, giving a soul can be a beautiful and symbolic gesture that expresses deep affection and devotion.

Give a soul

soul donation passport
A passport is a document confirming that you gave your soul to another person. The passport will have a photo, name, surname. It can be printed or saved electronically.
Order above 3 days. All actions with your soul are performed in the spiritual world.

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