Do you want to live forever. You can reincarnate your soul after death into any body of your choice.
   Describe in what body you want to reincarnate the soul (gender, nationality, place of residence, in what year, into a relative, wealth, etc.). You can transform not only yourself, any person
Reincarnation of the soul into another body
reincarnation order
  Reincarnation is the concept of the rebirth of the soul into a new physical body after the death of a person.
The soul is an immortal energy that continues to exist after the physical body dies. When a person dies, his soul leaves the body and moves into a new one in order to continue its evolutionary path. Reincarnation can occur many times until the soul feels its ideal state. Our reincarnation depends on our unique life, and our future life will depend on what we do in this life. Actions committed in past lives turn into conditions for a new reincarnation. For example, if a person in a past life was a villain, then in a future life he may be born in more difficult conditions in order to correct mistakes.
Reincarnation has scientific backing and is a serious concept in many religions and spiritual traditions around the world such as Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy and others. In addition, many people, even those who do not belong to a religious tradition, can reincarnate into another life after death.
The idea of reincarnation may be the main one for those who are looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life and the goal of achievement. For some people, it can be a source of hope that after death their soul is perceived in a new body.
Despite the fact that the reincarnation of the soul causes a lot of controversy and controversy, for many people it holds hope and comfort. This concept allows them to believe that life does not end with death, and that they have the opportunity to learn, grow and endure many lives.


Reincarnation of the soul after death in any body

A passport is a document confirming that your soul will be reincarnated into another body after your death. On the passport will be your photo, name, surname. It can be printed or stored electronically.
The order is fulfilled 3 days. All actions with your soul will be performed in the spiritual world.
Passport confirming reincarnation