You need money? Sell your soul!
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The buyer has the right in the future to dispose of the soul of the buyer at his discretion. (Sell, reincarnate, bequeath and more).
The seller loses his soul forever.
The buyer and seller receive passports for the purchase / sale of the soul. "Society Temple of the Soul" is the guarantor of the contract.
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Selling your soul is a topic that has been of interest to people for a long time. Many religious and cultural traditions deal with the soul as a kind of inner core of a person that can be sold or otherwise lost. But what does selling your soul really mean? And can it really be done?
The soul is an immortal and intangible entity that can be bought or sold. In Christianity, for example, it is stated that the soul is a gift from God and can be separated from a person. However, there are many people who have sold souls.