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  Heaven and hell are conceptual places that have different meanings and interpretations in different religions and cultures. In the Christian tradition, for example, these are places where souls go after death, depending on their spiritual state and completed actions in life.
Usually it is a place of bliss, where saints and righteous people live, enjoying endless happiness and peace. This is a place where there is no disease, suffering, grief and death, and all the inhabitants are in the vicinity of God and enjoy his love and grace.
Hell, on the other hand, is a place of eternal torment and suffering, where the souls of people who sinned in life and did not repent of them before death go. Hell is about a place where darkness, pain and horror reign, and the soul is far from God and does not receive his mercy.
However, it should be noted that the concept of Heaven and Hell has different combinations in different analyzes and cultural traditions, and not all people develop these beliefs.
"Heaven" and "hell" are concepts that have different meanings in different thinking, philosophical and cultural traditions. In general, these terms describe the state or place in which souls abide after death.
In the Christian tradition, "paradise" is the place where the souls of the righteous are, who, after death, passed into eternal life with God. In "hell", on the contrary, are the souls of sinners who suffer eternal torment.
More generally, "paradise" can also describe an ideal state of happiness, spending, and harmony, both in earthly life and after death. "Hell" can also cause a place or state of suffering, pain and horror, not necessarily associated with life.
In general, these concepts have a strong emotional and spiritual load and are used to describe many aspects of life, such as morality, ethics, spirituality, ideals, and tragedies.
However, it should be noted that in some cultures there is a belief in the rebirth of the soul. In such cases, a person can be reborn depending on his actions in life in different forms, including hellish ones.
It is also worth noting that in various religions and cultures there are many versions of the "heavenly" and "hellish" concepts. Some traditions describe "hell" as a place where souls stay only until the Last Judgment, after which all gain eternal life in "paradise". Other representations add up to a more complex hierarchy of places where there are places for the soul, depending on their merits and sins.
It is also important to note that various combinations of what is considered "heavenly" and "hellish" in the big world are combined. Some people believe that "heaven" is a state of happiness and consumption that can be achieved on earth through spiritual development and experiences such as meditation and self-contemplation. "Hell" in this case can cause a state of suffering and pain, causing negative emotions and behavior, such as anger, envy and greed.
In any case, belief in Heaven and Hell is a belief in the possibility of receiving a reward for a pious life or getting a chance for villainy. These factors are important to many people as they help them change moral decisions and life choices.

Sending the soul to heaven or hell

soul to heaven or hell
soul will go to hell
A passport is a document confirming that your soul or the soul of the person you ordered will be sent to heaven or hell. The passport will have your photo, first name, last name. It can be printed or stored electronically.
The order is fulfilled 3 days. All actions with your soul will be performed in the spiritual world.