order to find out where the soul was

Find out where the soul was before your body

Reincarnation of your soul

A passport is a document confirming where the soul was before your body. On the passport will be your photo, name, surname. It can be printed or stored electronically.
The order is fulfilled 3 days. All actions with your soul will be performed in the spiritual world.
Passport where the soul was
Belief in the transmigration of souls and reincarnation is part of religious and philosophical beliefs, and the answer to this question may depend on the individual's particular faith or belief.
One of the most famous concepts of reincarnation is presented in ancient Indian philosophy, in particular in the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. According to this concept, the human soul moves from one body to another after death. At the same time, the next body into which
the soul moves depends on karma, that is, on the merits and sins accumulated in a past life. Other religions and philosophical traditions also have their own ideas about the transmigration of souls, for example, in Islam, Judaism and Thai Buddhism.
In addition, the concept of reincarnation has its own scientific interpretation. Some scientific research links the transmigration of souls to the laws of physics and mathematics, such as the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of mass. According to these theories, the energy and mass of a person after death cannot disappear, but can only be transformed into other forms. Thus, reincarnation can be viewed as the process of converting the energy and mass of one organism into another.
Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it's important to remember that each person has their own unique understanding of life and death. Religious and philosophical beliefs are the personal choice of each individual, and the opinions and beliefs of others must be respected.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the idea of transmigration of souls is often accompanied by the idea of reincarnation not only in the human body, but also in other forms of life, such as animals or plants. For example, in ancient Indian culture, the idea was widespread that the soul can move not only into the bodies of people, but also into animals, birds, fish and insects.
However, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is important to remember that our life in the present moment is important. Every day we have the opportunity to influence our lives and the lives of others. Our actions, thoughts and words create consequences that can affect our lives in the future. Therefore, no matter what happened in our past life, we can always make decisions that will help us change our present and future.